Budgeting at Uni

Hey again guys!

So this week I’ll be discussing how to budget your money on food at Uni!

Budgetting on food at Uni promo

(Source: La Trobe University, Accommodation Services 2016).

I was in the dunny when I noticed this little gem. I saw it peeking out of the corner of my eye and knew it was a perfect topic for my blog this week, seeing as I’ve been struggling with this myself. It must be said that this is reasonably helpful guide, but there are so many more things you can do to avoid wasting unnecessary dollars on the goods!

One thing you can do is to find some mates and start a cookin’ group! Gather some friends, hit the shops together and SHARE your own little culinary wonders. It’s an awesome way to share the love and impress your buddies with an exotic pasta, or a divine lasagna (I’ve had experience with both).

Lauren Caton in her article, ‘Save Money on Food’ (source: http://www.savethestudent.org/save-money/food-drink/save-money-on-food.html) highlights something that hums to my soul – stuff the brands or that particular supermarket – shop wisely! Food is food, regardless if its Aldi’s or fresh food people’s Woolies; it goes down the same hole. Let me tell you right now that shredded cheese is just as cheap at Aldi’s, and in fact, just about the same quality. Your friends won’t be steaming with fury if you give ‘em Black and Gold cheese as opposed to Devondale. Chances are they’re in the same boat – low on the money honey – so they’ll suckle whatever you’re feedin’ ‘em. Beggars can’t be choosers, hey? Oh, and if you’re a picky type, just please realise that no-name brands are far cheaper and they’re honestly NOT THAT BAD!!!

Free Food Image         (Source: https://www.mybodytutor.com/blog/how-to/2015/06/is-it-hard-for-you-to-say-no-to-free-food-read-me/). Retrieved August 14th 2016.

I guess the best thing of being a Uni student is the “perks” we get. Every so often on College there’ll be free pizza nights if you attend a Health Event, or Quiz Nights, or Tower Parade events where you can win loads of food – participate in those! And please use those student discounts – over time so much money will be saved. You’ll thank yourself later.

***Eat before you shop = stops you from spontaneously purchasing milk, bread, toothpaste… and cinnamon donuts and Doritos + EVERYTHING ELSE***

You can still eat healthily – Mi Goreng and soup need not always be an option, or the last resort. Buy some frozen goods; save leftovers from previous meals; and look at cheap options of meats and veggies and such – the wholesome foods.

The last thing I’ll be leaving you with, is the message that you need to be a realist about the costs of food – it is quite expensive – but there are ways to deal with this. Also expect ‘dips’ in spending, or times when you wanna reward yourself with Macca’s after an assignment (me, on several occasions). Don’t stop reinforcing your ability to study – let rewards be. Then later you can be slightly more draconian about food money the week after.

Ned Stark - Free Food Meme      (Source: http://www.nextscientist.com/hacks-save-money-in-graduate-school/). Retrieved August 14th 2016.

Happy Eating!


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